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GALS Songs

Maendeleo Yetu
Vision Journey song, CMS Mbinga Tanzania

Vision Journey song, Tutunze Same, Tanzania

Mti ya Usawa wa Jinsiya
Gender Balance Tree song, CMS Mbinga, Tanzania

Mti ya Usawa wa Jinsiya
Gender Balance Tree song, Tutunze, Same, Tanzania

Sagadi Nelson
New Home, Uganda

GALS Catalyst Process

Women's Understanding of Empowerment ANANDI, India

Livelihood Planning
Jamghoria Sevabrata, India

Masika Elizabeth's Multilane Highway,
New Home, Uganda

John's Multilane Highway
New Home, Uganda

Rosemary's Empowerment Leadership Map, New Home Uganda

Woman power peer learning
Bukonzo Joint, Uganda

Challenge Action Trees: Adultery and Alcoholism
Green Home, Uganda

Organisational Vision Journeys
Kabarole Resource Centre, Uganda

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GALS Review

Multilane Highway: How to Do It
New Home, Uganda

Multilane Highway Participatory Quantification,

Overall Framework
BAIR, Rwanda

Top Lane: Vision Journey
BAIR, Rwanda

Middle Lane: Gender Balance Tree
BAIR Rwanda

Multilane Highway: Bottom Lane Empowerment Leadership Map
BAIR, Rwanda

Decision Diamond
Bukonzo Joint, Uganda

Land Ownership Impact Tree
Bukonzo Joint, Uganda

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GALS overview videos


Mapping the Road to Change
You Tube link for subclips
Bukonzo Joint, Uganda

Coffee Value Chain Part 1
Coffee Value Chain Part 2
Bukonzo Joint, Uganda

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